An unusual, unique and different drink experience
that valorize biodiversity, sustainability and traditions

Why BD Roots?

BD roots gives an exclusive “drink experiences”, by the fermentation, distillation and developing of unusual combination of different raw material that valorize traditions and biodiversity

Our ethical values

We have a mission: support small Italian and international crops to have fame in the world, in order to be acknowledged for their biodiversity trough a costant research and innovation on the processes, valorizing traditions

How we make it possible?

Using innovative and non-standard products, orienting our decision to biodiversity, recounted, valorized and defenced to give the possibility to people to live different sensorial experiences and to make known the biodiversity, trough researching innovative solutions and processes

Our products

Capsicum is the first and the only London Dry Gin with Peperone Dop di Pontecorvo, which is a particular botanical that can be grown only in Pontecorvo land. Our gin is 100% Made in Italy therefore you can live a unique drink experience with more sustainability and less standardization, providing innovative and exclusive products.

A gin with an original and surprising flavor, where the Peperone DOP di Pontecorvo is rediscovered in a London Dry Gin with lively, innovative and fun scents with notes of sweetness.

A “different” sensory experience that combines traditions, biodiversity and the quality of raw

A new healthy and innovative taste experience, without standardization, with unique, unusual and unexpected flavors


A healthy and innovative taste experience, without standardization but with unique, unusual and UNEXPECTED flavors

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